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For Dan and anyone else who can be comforted from this.

I think this song's repetitive, meditative nature and subject matter are fitting for Dan. I also believe that now Dan can be on fire all the time ... literally on fire --- in the stars, sun, flames of candles, whatever he wants... his soul can be present there.

In a way, I feel like almost an intruder on grief since I never had the privilege of knowing Dan in this life. However, I think it's a testament to his awesomeness that he can influence so many with just his words and images through cyber-space.

If I missed a REsource, please let me know. It certainly wasn't intentional. There also may be some extra resources in here. Know if it wasn't directly used, it influenced this piece.

A special thanks to Toss who emailed me the Neptune footage from Nebulullaby when the site was so broken-hearted it couldn't work. As always, the site embodied the spirit of all of us.
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