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Dada Poetry (two tries)
thatdbeEm Released Oct 02, 2010
Dada poetry is definitely interesting. I took the first line/first word from the different movie channels as I flipped through them. They all came from the same movies, just different parts in them.

Good evening
We mess around sometimes don’t we;
Act before we think
It’s okay though, the situation’s hardly a debacle
Whoa, what’s the rush?
It was nice meeting you, but our time is up
Get out

She liked to party, just go, go, go
Wasn’t enthusiastic about what awaited her after the last song played
It was a tough world, and people were cruel
What it turned out to be is that they’re monsters
Making asses out of the creative and swallowing their individuality whole
The structure of the world was guaranteed and solid
No one dare spoke against it