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I loved Metaphorest's "Tiny Stories Song" and I felt it needed a music video, with a different animation/image corresponding to each verse/tiny story. So I spent almost all day making a music vid for the entire song, but it didn't upload properly :(

So I cut it up into 30-40 second pieces, since that's the biggest I can upload I'm afraid. If someone wants to piece all the clips together, that would make my day.

Here's Part 1 (with the intro):
Here's Part 1 (without the intro):
Here's Part 2:
Here's Part 3:
Here's Part 5:

This fourth clip incorporates the_story_girl's awesome "The Hummingbird - Stop Motion Animation" and silent_butterfly's "{Tiny Story} Bee - Animation with Roses"

Metaphorest's Lyrics:
The hummingbird has such a tiny head/He forgets the words/And hums along instead
Well I don’t know if bees have noses/When they’re buzzing around/They never smell the roses
Everyone’s got a tiny story
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