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A narration/script/story to tie together two of JacksonBlack's amazing works. Would love to see an animation of this or them..

Little Batty was the lonely, only bat left in the whole, wide wasteland that was once a world. Orphaned by the great End of all things, he wandered the wastes, seeking a friend to spend the empty days with. But Little Batty hadn’t found one yet.

He soared above the crumbling cities, the septic seas and ghostly towns, graveyards all. The buildings were headstones, the scorched earth a burial pit.

But surely there were more like Little Batty left? He couldn’t be the only one. He just couldn’t.

And as it happened, he wasn’t...

One dark day, like every other, Little Batty set off on his survivor search, his tiny flame of hope all but extinguished. Until, far down below there was a noise. An unnatural noise. A barely audible bleep carried on the wicked winds to Batty’s little ears.

‘Hello?’ cried Little Batty, for in this dismal future bats could talk.

And the bleeping arranged itself into a robotic response. ‘Hello’ it answered.

Batty dive-bombed earthwards to the source of this response, this potential friend.

And there, amid the terrible rubble, he found Robotron, a steel giant with sorrowful, black eyes - for in the dismal future, bats can talk, and robots have feelings.

Poor Robotron weeped almost silently, sat slumped on a rubble rock, his woeful weeping punctuated by a mournful bleeping.

Little Batty stood alongside the emotional machine, empathy emanating from his big bat eyes.

‘Would you like to be my friend?’ said Little Batty. ‘Then, together, we can roam the rubble.’

Robotron wiped a weeping eye on a cold steel arm and sniffed and said.

‘I would’

Then ,Little Batty held aloft a wing for Robotron to take, and gently, a robot hand closed round it.

Fast friends in a hopeless time, they wandered into the wastes, questing together for a friend, for an unpolluted place, for a future they could fit into.

And that was the day Little Batty discovered that he wasn’t the only, lonely survivor after all...