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A narration/script/story to tie together two of JacksonBlack's amazing works. Would love to see an animation of this or them..

Little Batty was the lonely, only bat left in the whole, wide wasteland that was once a world. Orphaned by the great End of all things, he wandered the wastes, seeking a friend to spend the empty days with. But Little Batty hadn’t found one yet.

He soared above the crumbling cities, the septic seas and ghostly towns, graveyards all. The buildings were headstones, the scorched earth a burial pit.

But surely there were more like Little Batty left? He couldn’t be the only one. He just couldn’t.

And as it happened, he wasn’t...

One dark day, like every other, Little Batty set off on his survivor search, his tiny flame of hope all but extinguished. Until, far down below...
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The Last Friends on Earth
Metaphorest Released Sep 21, 2010
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