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Are we all sitting comfortably? Now, let me tell you the fake history of The Fall Formal... For 'tis a tale of both darkness and rebellion...

A Fake History of The Fall Formal

IN THE was nothing big, nothing grand, nothing useful and nothing planned. It was nothing smart, or at least not very, and it was nothing revolutionary; however, under the pseudonym RegularJOE, things began to take shape like pizza dough, metaphorestly speaking of course... Creativity burst from the community until everything was on fire and needed soothing with a Nebulullaby...Tiny stories began to leak out into what was, at that time, a quasi-dystopia. Authorities soon became concerned at this artistry, fearing the threat that said community posed to what was, back then, a Gradgrindian way of life. The government were clearly not peering through the looking-glass correctly.
The community roused suspicion: many HitRECorders caught exiting the Haus of Glitch (where HitRECord was based in those days) were sporting curled moustaches, and carrying strange mechanical devices. One man (named ManWithHat by the authorities) had a long history of association with the community in question, and was thus monitored closely. The red buttons common to the aforementioned highly curious metal objects soon became an uncanny reminder of the growing force of HitRECord, and its dangerously subversive potential.
It was not as if the community weren't aware of their growing prominence: the REmixing of material acted as a catalyst to its spread, again, something that was perceived as a virulent influence by higher powers.
Something needed to be done.
The community decided to host an event, akin to RegularJOE's pseudonymity. It was to be a formal event, where, under the guise of polished brogues and food-penguin-esque garments, the creatives could gather, and plot against the establishment. The DJ was to be the owner of the HitRECord hideout previously mentioned, and eat-lists were organized by a popular contributing artist and flaneur, Morgan M Morgansen. Once all was in place, the formal event became an annual extravaganza, and it was successful at putting the once-raised eyebrows of the authorities back down to a relaxed level.
Much to the ignorance of the authorities, this formal was in fact a place of covert creative collaboration and informal mingling, and became a stepping-stone for turning the production company into something that, well, wasn't so tiny any more.
Soon, the old establishment became outnumbered by the creatives, and there was no longer any need for this seasonal fakery. Yet, even today, the Fall Formal is still celebrated, in memory of what were times of secrecy amid formality.

A Fake History by OrigamiArtichoke.
Written at 2 o'clock in the morning, so I'd say it definitely needs tweaking xxx

Would be cool if someone wanted to do a visual/video version of the fake history... Obviously the fake history is based on pre-existing HitRECord projects, so given time, we might be able to make a video of the fake history - some people doing voice overs, some people getting the raw clips of Morgan and putting him in as a suspicious character going in and out of the HitRECord base (the Haus), some Glitch music,and all the other current collabs, but in a B + W documentary style video...
- We could make the history sort of dark and funny at the same time (video clips of the authorities etc, could use some stuff from public domain)
- The music could be a serious mash-up of a load of popular records
- The overall video could have a really theatrical vibe in keeping with what Joe requested in the video... so we could get some people to find videos of public dances/proms/events and turn them into black and white - we could put them in a row and put fake dates at the bottom, kinda like showing how the fall formal supposedly progressed etc...possibly in the currently popular time lapse style.

At the event:

This could progress to a live re-enactment on the night?
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