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Are we all sitting comfortably? Now, let me tell you the fake history of The Fall Formal... For 'tis a tale of both darkness and rebellion...

A Fake History of The Fall Formal

IN THE was nothing big, nothing grand, nothing useful and nothing planned. It was nothing smart, or at least not very, and it was nothing revolutionary; however, under the pseudonym RegularJOE, things began to take shape like pizza dough, metaphorestly speaking of course... Creativity burst from the community until everything was on fire and needed soothing with a Nebulullaby...Tiny stories began to leak out into what was, at that time, a quasi-dystopia. Authorities soon became concerned at this artistry, fearing the threat that said community posed to what was, back then, a Gradgrindian way of life. The government were clearly not peering through the looking-glass correctly.
The community roused suspicion: many HitRECorders caught exiting the Haus of Glitch (where HitRECord was based in those days) were sporting curled moustaches, and carrying strange mechanical devices. One man (named ManWithHat by the authorities) had a long history of association with the community in question, and was thus monitored closely. The red buttons common to the aforementioned highly curious metal objects soon became an uncanny reminder of the growing force of HitRECord, and its dangerously subversive potential.
It was not as if the community weren't aware of their growing prominence: the REmixing of material acted as a catalyst to its spread, again,...
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