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A Fake History of 1987
MattConley Released Sep 16, 2010
So, after a really wonderful audio response to my request yesterday for "A Fake History of 1987" voiceover samples, now comes the time to unleash the first version in what I hope will be a heavily REmixed RECord.

There's 20 or so "1987" readings (so far) and when it came time to select one for the first version it was insanely difficult. The diversity of the readings was amazing because everyone interpreted the story, and its telling, in such unique ways.

Some readings went pretty fast, others went at a slower pace. Some were absolutely deadpan while others sounded straight off an R-rated radio report.

After sampling each of the readings over the visuals I had compiled I decided that Day Glo's reading suited the story I had originally envisioned. But even that isn't entirely true because I always knew the reading itself would dictate the pacing, the shot selection, and the overall tone of the video.

Day Glo's reading jumped out at me because it sounded like a report you'd hear on BBC, but it also had an even flow throughout. He read at a consistent pace that maintained the same tone without drawing too much attention to any particular line. Even the profanity remained subtle and advanced the story without making me think too much about what I'd just heard.

I hope that makes sense.

Having said all of that, I will be uploading a second version with JUST THE VIDEO and short sample of iBrew's "Aunt Roy's Picnic" (which plays briefly over the title.) That way everyone can REmix the video with different readings.

The way I edited the video however is matched to Day Glo's reading, so a new edit will probably have to be done to match the pacing of someone else's voice. All the REsources are cited (including the public domain footage) so anyone can use those same videos to REmix the visuals.

Alright, enough rambling...

Oh, and I'll start a collaboration too. :)

The following public domain footage was used:

"The Market Programme"

"Investment Software (1988)"

"Investment Software (2/4/1986)"

"Shotgun Sound Effect"

7 resources
22 results