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hitRECord earth ident - just plain love it.

Moving Day - this is so perfect and wonderful in every way. It is whimsical and very inspiring.

Captain Collaborate - the concept makes me smile. I like smiling.

Joe's t-shirt picks - I'm reeeeally into the shirts right now (if you didn't know by my constant stream of tee RECords.

Fake History LXHR Episode 5 Summer in the City - I love the combination of so many hitRECord concepts into one yummy package.

The Fly - i love love love this story. Imagine how happy I was that I got a chance to read it at SiTC.

hitRECord #2 - Actually ANY of JacksonBlack's drawings I would reRECommend. He captures so much and I love to see his artistic renditions of people's tiny stories. I love the little dude in this one.

Row Row Row Your Boat - SITC POVs - I think this is a great example of the hitRECord spirit. It captures a great moment at SiTC, which were such wonderful gatherings, and really illustrates the remix mentality of the group. Who knew something as simple as this childhood song could grow into such examples of beautiful art in the hands of hitRECorders?

SITC Aug 30th EX3 Footage - Dr. Gory's footage of all of the SiTC shows is just wonderful. Because I was at this show and I really got to experience the magic and sense of community of these shows, I want to watch it over and over again to relive it.

RegularJOE aka Peter Pan - it's just one of my favorites. one of those moments caught when things just naturally fell in an amusing way. It makes me smile. Again, I like smiling. :-)

Welcome to REC land - I think this could become a great short film some day.

What is HitRECord (1950's version) - I think this is a great remix and I've always loved old public service type footage like that.

Okay, that's 12. But I had a hard time narrowing down my choices. ;-)