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The Gun Owner
rayperez Released Sep 08, 2010
The Gun Owner
.by Ray Perez on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 1:59pm.

Chapter One

One day a man bought a gun. He told himself that it would only be for the protection of his family against the threat of another armed man, against the threat of a burglar, or a killer, or a rapist.

As he arrived home from the gun store his neighbor saw him with a box in a bag and said, "Congratulations! You're a gun owner now!"

The man that bought the gun didn't consider the fact that he really was now, a gun owner. What did that mean? Does having a weapon that is capable of taking another life somehow influence those who possess it?

He turned to his neighbor and said, "Yup, don't you own a gun too?"

His neighbor replied, "Oh ,hell no. I used to own a gun, but it wound up owning me! I took that sumbitch apart and buried it out in the middle of the woods, six feet underground, and i hope no one ever finds it."

The newly made gun owner turned to his neighbor and asked, "Would you care to elaborate?"

"You see, the thing about it is that the gun owner will eventually develop an itch on their trigger finger that can only be pacified by shooting the gun. They may start out by shooting at some targets, maybe some tin cans, and they like the way it feels to shoot the weapon. Then the tin can, just sitting there, loses it's flare. It's not such a challenge to aim at a tin can that just sits there, quiet and still like a tin can. What about skeets? You know, the plates that are slung up into the air to immitate a bird flying? Crash!!! Smash!! That was fun! But could they shoot a real bird, mid-flight, at high wind? They will justify the kill by eating the meat of their prey, but the flesh, as it is torn between their teeth, is not nearly as satisfying as the thrill of the kill, the power, taking life. Soon they have graduated to killing bigger beasts and stuffing their dead bodies to keep as trophies, but this will only hold them over for so long. You see, then they will start using phrases like, "Don't tread on me," or "I will fight for my freedom!" They begin to create stories and scenarios that ultimately lead them to a rational justification of taking another human life with their gun. So you see my friendly neighbor, now that you are a gun owner, I will have to pack up my things and move away, because we are no longer equal anymore. You are now armed and possess the power to inflict missile death to another with the tiny pull of one finger. And what's to keep you from doing so?"

End of Chapter one.
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