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got this idea after reading "I Had a Heart Once" by Metaphorest. original idea, just inspired by the monologue. enjoy.

Scene opens with Frank, younger man with eyes that tell us that he has seen more than he should have in his time. He sits on a solitary chair in the center of a room with few furniture arrangements. His hair falls in his face as he speaks, so he is constantly brushing it back. His glasses are always sliding off of his nose, so he is constantly pushing them back. In his hand he holds a clock. He is speaking to himself. His voice is hoarse and low.

Frank: Why won't this damn thing shut off...

Frank lets out a long sigh, as if it were a breath he had been holding in for years. He gingerly places the clock on the floor next to his feet after finally shutting it off.

Frank: For years. For years now, its been making that same damn noise. I mean, I know its 'sposed to, but still. Really? It's unbelievable. I... ugh whatever. I'll ignore it, as I always do.

Goes to change subject but instead changes mind, anger getting the best of him. Seems very flustered, with a touch of anger.

Frank: For as long as I can remember that same, consistent, persistent, resistant ticking has been gnawing at my mind... destroying it. I want to know what it's like, to be normal again.

Frank lets out another sigh. His eyes tear, not out of sadness but out of despair. Voice begins to falter and shake.

Frank: It's pathetic, really. I can't live anymore. My breathing has become labored, yet I haven't smoked a cigarette since 2001. My heart... well, the remains of it; it can't feel anymore. I've...
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