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Hi everyone, and Joe, but really everyone!

Just got back from the second Summer in the City PIANOS show, and had a fantabulous time, and want to talk with you all about it! I'm also hoping to provide a place for RegularJOE to see our thoughts and converse on how to make the last Summer in the City show a true grand finale.

So let's discuss: from the perspectives of someone there, someone watching the stream, and someone trying to make something compelling with the RECords that come out of the show:

what worked? (let's do more of this!)
what could work better? (constructive feedback)
what would you love to see in the last show? (please oh please...)

To spark the conversation, here are the thoughts of myself and a few other hitrecorders in attendance:

What worked:
- creating a tiny story with word association was superb. It engaged the audience, allowed us to feel a collective sense of creation, and allowed everyone watching the stream to charette responses.
- Joe directing specific people to film certain angles and come on stage during the music performance. He did a great job of organizing the chaos (like a director!)
-revealing the 'world premiere' of the Haus of Glitch Live Acts video. It felt like the culminating moment to the two days of hard work so many people had put in.

What could've worked better:
-playing so many records that we're all familiar with felt like needless exposition.
-reading Tiny Stories...kind of cool and simple way to get more focus on the audience members, but what are we really going to do with those videos? Similar thoughts for having people say their favorite/least favorite thing about living in a city
-having the incredible director Rian Johnson there and only having him read a tiny story. Oh how I wish he could have directed the audience in producing some kind of beautiful ambient spectacle...or something.

What we'd love to see in the last show:
-ACTING! the wall behind the stage is white, Joe is an actor, he knows many actors, and many hitrecorders love to act. Let's take advantage of all of these cameras and people and film an actual scene worthy of being edited and chroma keyed!

Agree? Disagree? Something to add? Let's conversationalize.