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I’m BACK ! I’m definitely back on hitrecord. I was really missing hitRECord, the daily discovery of great records, the contact with talented people… I didn’t even know the recent good news (and screenings)! Wow Amazing! Cool! But I won’t complaint because I didn’t have time to get bored either during the last few months!

I fell in love with the music of Jeremy (aka Haus_of_Glitch) and I decided to take the plunge again by making a video for this music. I worked on the version 1.0. (I can’t explain it, but I have a little preference for this version…), that’s why I entitled this record Live Acts Megamix Video 1.0. It’s a perfectible record, I think it will be good to add a lot of more stuff, even if I used some records which used themselves a lot of records… anyway, I didn’t have too much time to do it…

It’s been while that I wanted to make something about dancing, just dancing no story. I took the opportunity to not understand all the lyrics of this song to do it. I worked on the synchronization of the shots with the beat of the music, but at the same time, I tried sometimes to “respect” the lyrics, or at least few words… Well, let’s just say that I made this video with instinct…

What do you think? Don’t spare me!

P.S.: The upload of the record is very long, so if you don’t see any resources when you watch the video, there is a simple excuse to this: I’m sleeping (too tired to patient more, sorry mates)! Of course, I’ll add the resources tomorrow (when you will be sleeping basically…)

UPDATE: GOOOOOOD MORNING WORLD FELLOWS! It's done, I hope I didn't forget any resources, if it's the case, my apologies! Tell me and I'll fix it quickly :)

P.S.: I’ll upload a zip file of a high resolution video of this just after (when I’ll wake up, remember?)
That’s why the quality of this video is not really good… and I’m discovering Premiere Pro CS4 at the same time…

UPDATE : I'm doing it right now :)
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