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City Movement
LilacAmy11 Released Aug 21, 2010

A "love letter" to public transportation in cities:) I am constantly enthralled by traveling on public transportation (even though I've been doing it for years). I love watching the people and feeing connected. I especially love doing it in cities I'm visiting. This is my first attempt at filming/editing, and also mixing song and speech. This is a skill I would love to get better at, so any feedback/advice from you amazing editors out there would be much appreciated. I had a ton of fun doing this:) Fun fact!: In the shot that goes with "The Circle Line is the best" when the train is going over the river, there is a really bright light on the bridge that I was so happy about because it synced up with Tom's line about the city being a sun. That light was because Transfomers 3 was filming and evidently needed an extremely bright shot. So thanks Transformers!:) ** I'm resourcing the latest Regularity on here because of Joe's comment about making a vid for the Cities collab. Although this isn't a documentary like he was talking about, it does incorporate several of the RECords in the Cities collab.

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