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Poeticon hit me up with this great concept to do a compliment battle. How positive and dope is that?! We traded verse on BeatZ's amazing production and this is the result. We hop eyou enjoy it :D

He’s got the, swagger of Pharaoh.
It’s making him move the crowd
and he’s as, sharp as a arrow. its easy to figure
out why I, replay the records, repeatedly, really loud
cuz it ain’t hard to tell without a reasonable doubt.

Listen, when you let it go
You dead it with that impeccable flow
And the steam of the hot lines
Are fogging up the pop screen when you rhyme
Cause the flow to your verses
Couldn't be smoother if you rapped em in cursive
Poeticon's killin the beat, better bring the hearses!

sentence and sentences homey elliott bless em with
a million metaphors to be deadly ready to test em with
accurate with raps like he won a medal for penmanship
a seriously talented not your average battle kid

The matter is, you're the most interesting man and you're so fly
That When Dos Equis couldn't find you they had to hire that old guy
And Instead of ice, cause you're too cold with the lines,
For the ALS challenge they fill the bucket with your rhymes

He’s got a record for wrecking it. blatantly disrespecting it.
but rappers try to flex, he cuts em off at the necklace
If he were on a checklist, the VIP for the checklist
would read Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and Shawn Elliott

Speaking of Chuck, even he couldn't kick a rhyme like you
Bruce Lee had seen you coming in the room with an ominous boom and said
"Look, Enter the dragon, His rappin is like some Kung fu
When he's throwin punch lines, better duck right or get run through"

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