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We have posted replies to THESE CONTRIBUTIONS for our hitRECord Town Hall collaboration. Of course please feel free to ask any additional questions or post any comments in the thread below. Or, contribute your Text Records to the hitRECord Town Hall collab HERE.

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1) "RE: Film Festivals and/or Live shows" (DayGlo)

Town Hall contribution:

hitRECord gets approached by international festivals all the time to participate, and it's very rare that we accept an invitation to participate in the festival or grant permission for the community's work to be screened.

There have been a handful of occasions where community members wanted to present completed works at specific events, and we have approved those on a case-by-case basis. To be honest, we have never had a particular policy for this, however we are open to figuring out a method in which members of the community can outline or propose what they'd like to do at a festival and they can send these proposals to us for consideration.

The reason why we're so strict about this is because we are representing the community's work and we are responsible for how and where it is presented. There needs to be oversight where we understand every detail of an event and we feel the community's best interests are in mind for us to entertain the idea of getting involved.

It's also worth noting that it's always been our dream to create a Sundance/TED-like festival for hitRECord. This is years away, but we'd like to achieve this and have it in our future plans to pursue.

We would be...

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