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VISUAL ARTISTS: Please refer to this Background Visual Request List for the Little Dragon collab. CONTRIBUTE HERE


NOTE: We have broken down this Visual Request List into Numbered Scenes from THIS POEM. For each Numbered Scene below, we've suggested the Visual Elements and additional notes. 


SCENE 1 ("Like a bird without wings...")

* Meadow with flowers 

* Mountains in background

* Blue sky with fluffy clouds / sun


SCENE 2: ("He watches his sisters...")

* More meadows with trees

* One large tree with branches

NOTES: He could possibly fly into a tree branch as his sisters fly around the sky breathing fire. Russell hangs his head in shame.


SCENE 3: ("How he longs to take part...")

* Landscapes with Castle, hamlets and huts

* Burning trees? trees with no leaves

* Dark cloudy sky/ dark clouds, moon, stars

NOTES: This could be a night scene?


SCENE 4: ("He tried to be like them...")

* Meadow

* Trees

* Blue sky / fluffy clouds

* Tree or bush which Russell hides behind

NOTES: Flashback to when he was young. Daytime again. His sisters could be practicing their fire breathing while Russell watches them from behind a bush and then he experiments with the petrol and matches... boom!


SCENE 5: ("Could he join with the birds...")

* Meadow with flowers

* Old stone bridge

* Blue sky / fluffy white clouds

* Bushes / shrubs

NOTES: When he ponders whether to live with birds or lizards. Russell cound come to rest on the bridge and look up at the birds, etc. 


SCENE 6: ("Then he dreamed up a notion...")

* Meadow,

* Old cottage

* Trees

* Blue sky

* Grey clouds


SCENE 7: ("Although he would surely...")

* Interior of...

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