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(HERBERT watches the sun set over a desolate post apocalyptic wasteland. ISLE flies in and lands on HERBERT’s shoulder.)

Herbert: "You almost missed it tonight."

Isle: "Oh I’m sorry Herbert."


Isle: “Hey… Hey, Herbert?"

Herbert: "Yes, Isle?"

Isle: “I’ve been thinking…"

(A pause as ISLE gathers his thoughts…)

Herbert: “What have you been thinking?”

Isle: “Herbert, I’ve been thinking… What do you think is going to happen to the world?"

Herbert: "What exactly do you mean?"

Isle: “The world is dying, isn’t it? And I’ve been wondering…. what’s going to happen to everything around us?"

Herbert: "I am afraid I do not have the answer to that, Isle."

Isle: “Well, what happens to us, when we die?"

Herbert: “Eventually my battery will expire, because I am a machine."

Isle: "When will that be?"

Herbert: "Oh, Isle, that will not be for a very long time.”

(In HERBERT’s voice we sense he does not relish the idea of living indefinitely)

Isle: "So when your battery dies…. what then?"

Herbert: “My systems will simply shut down.”

Isle: “…and what about me? What happens when I die?"

Herbert: "I am afraid I do not have the answer to that, Isle."

(A pause. ISLE is obviously worrying about this.)

Isle: "Maybe everything around me will just… set? You know? And the light will start to fade. Like the sun at the end of the day, when it’s low in the sky and its beams escape across the horizon. And just before it melts, the sky is filled with all kinds of colours that the rest of the day never had, and there's that moment where the sun seems like it’s clinging to the clouds. And then you blink. And all the light is gone. And it’s sad because the day is over, but it was all so beautiful that… you don’t mind so much."

(HERBERT casts ISLE a sympathetic glance that only we notice - though he knows otherwise, he wants to comfort his friend.)

Herbert: "I think you are probably right, Isle…"

(ISLE smiles)

Isle: “So do you think something like that will happen to you too? … When you - shut down?”

Herbert: “I hope so, Isle, but I won’t find out for a very long time.”

(ISLE realises HERBERT might not get to experience this)

Isle: “Well… I wish I had a battery, just like you…”

Herbert: “I don’t think you d…"

Isle: “…Then we could keep watching these sunsets together.”

(A pause as HERBERT considers this. He smiles. A long poignant beat and we pull back to take in the desolate wasteland and the setting sun.)

Isle: "Well, It’s getting kinda late Herbert, I think I’m going to turn in."

Herbert: "Isle? Can you stay a little longer?"

(Isle settles back down. They look out over the cliff and we pan down behind them - silhouettes against the setting sun.)

(The sun sets and we fade to black)