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History Repeats Itself.

Do you know how often people predict the end of the world? It's been happening on an almost fortnightly basis for centuries.

In 1666, there was an exodus as people fled the Great Plague of London.

Just as the epidemic began to abate, the Great Fire destroyed half the city.

Panic was fueled by the numbering of the year. 666 has long been regarded as the biblical number of the beast.

Even Isaac Newton hated the number, which is why we're told that there are seven colors in the rainbow when it's pretty clear that there are only six.

It's called purple Isaac, deal with it.

In 1910, Halley's Comet passed over.

Astronomers identified a dangerous chemical in its trial, leading some scaremongers to worry about the threat of being poisoned by the comet.

Others tried – and succeeded – to make money off the public hysteria, selling anti-comet paraphernalia to vulnerable idiots.

Gas masks, getcha gas masks!

In 1999, a computing error threatened to cause a catastrophic global failure of technology, known as Y2K.

So systems were reprogrammed. That didn't stop plenty of survivalists preparing for the doom coming at midnight of January 1st, 2000.

When we finally reached New Year's Eve and welcomed in the millennium, there were thousands of explosions across the world.

Just not the ones the survivalists were expecting.

The End.