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* Narrator (Stereotypical announcer from the 50’s and 60’s - neat, trim - kind of like a game show host, but not as flashy)

* Sally (Age 10 - present day. Quintessential wholesomeness, but remember that she lives in today’s world, as she’s supposed to be born in 2004. Either way, she should be wearing glasses, since there’s a reference to her wearing glasses in the script)

* Sally’s Mom (Age 40 - present day)

* Sally’s Mom (Age 30 - circa 2004 - right after she became a mom)

* Sally’s Mom (Age 25 - circa 1999 - young professional business woman)

* Sally’s Mom (Age 18 - circa 1992 - in college)

* Sally’s Mom (Age 14 - circa 1988)

* Sally’s Dad...

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