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Alright! It’s time to write a score for this short, which promises to be a beautiful part of our episode RE: Secrets. JohnnyClyde wrote a really nice main melodic motif for this piece. You can check that out HERE. Using our current animatic, I’ve made up a click track which allows beats and bar lines to fall in places appropriate to the picture, and I’ve played in Johnny’s melody in the TWO places we want it to stay, using simple synth sounds as a guide. The whole rest of the score is ready for composers to write.

It’s not imperative that you follow the tempo and meter that we’ve established at this stage; If you have different ideas as to where the bars and beats fall, let’s hear them. But either way, please keep the structure as it is currently for bars 8-13 and bars 24-26, where our main motif plays.

We might end up with one community member’s work for the whole piece (minus the measures noted above), or maybe with a combination of a few peoples’ work.

For your delivery, ultimately, we’d like a video file with a demo mix of your score playing along with the animatic, so everyone can see how the music is working with the picture. But if all you can contribute is an audio file (not locked to picture), that’s okay, too. Also, please keep in mind that if we use part or all of your contribution, we’ll need to hand it to the community as notation; So, if you’re working in MIDI, please be prepared to hold onto your tracks if you can, in case we request them later, as well as audio tracks of your individual instruments, if possible.


A few specific thoughts:

--My personal impression is that the overall dynamic arc of the score would be a bell curve running the length of the piece: Beginning small and uncluttered with the single pine cone, rising in density and activity along with the multitude of falling pine cones, then settling back down again for the end.

--By ‘small’ at the top and end, though, we don’t mean ‘small ensemble’...Rather, ‘small’ in terms of note density; Overall, we’re picturing the score as being lush and wide. This could be by means of traditional acoustic instruments, or by synths, or (probably) some combination of both.

--The restatement of the main melody at bars 24-26 should be much lighter than at 8-13; We’ll be adding SFX of children playing in a playground here, and the effect should be that the music is sorta swirling away into the ethers while this melody plays at the score’s exit. So, it’s more of a tapering-off of the score, rather than a ‘big finish’. First thing that comes to mind by way of suggestion is to drop any lower-octave instruments from here; It could probably be just a solo instrument playing the melody, with a single instrument accompanying it (or a small ensemble, playing something really soft and uncomplicated).

--JohnnyClyde made great use of synth bells, played in a kind of tremolo way, in his original recording. Check it HERE for inspiration. Not saying it’s absolutely necessary to add bells like that, but they add something of an otherworldly texture, which is appropriate to the piece. So, maybe think along those lines.