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A MAN, probably in his mid-30's, is dressed in a rumpled dark gray suit, shoulders slumped. He holds a tattered briefcase, swinging slightly at his side as he walks away from the subway station and down the sidewalk to his apartment building. And then we hear it...the click.

MAN VO: It's always there. Don't you hear it? That click, click, click. It never stops.


The MAN enters his building and walks up the creaky stairs case to his third floor apartment. Everything in there looks broken or used/2nd hand. More CLICKING. He drops his briefcase by the door along with his keys on the wall and his jacket in the coat closet. 

MAN VO: When I eat. When I sleep. When I'm taking a shit. Always clicking.

The MAN goes to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of scotch, nearly...

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