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A MAN, probably in his mid-30's, is dressed in a rumpled dark gray suit, shoulders slumped. He holds a tattered briefcase, swinging slightly at his side as he walks away from the subway station and down the sidewalk to his apartment building. And then we hear it...the click.

MAN VO: It's always there. Don't you hear it? That click, click, click. It never stops.


The MAN enters his building and walks up the creaky stairs case to his third floor apartment. Everything in there looks broken or used/2nd hand. More CLICKING. He drops his briefcase by the door along with his keys on the wall and his jacket in the coat closet. 

MAN VO: When I eat. When I sleep. When I'm taking a shit. Always clicking.

The MAN goes to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of scotch, nearly empty, from a high shelf. He downs what's left and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, hissing as the alcohol burns his throat. More CLICKING. He throws the bottle into the recycling bin with a thud and goes to his bedroom, the CLICKING noise insistent. 

The bed is still unmade from this morning. He flops down, face first into the blankets and breathes out. A moment later, he grabs his pillow and screams into it.


Despite the clicking, he falls asleep.


The MAN gets up and goes to the bathroom to take a piss and use the shower. He starts singing. More CLICKING. When he finishes, he gets out, the walls of the bathroom no longer have peeling wallpaper but bright white tile. Shiny and new. The MAN doesn't notice.

After getting dressed, he goes to the kitchen. The MAN does a double take when he finds a new oven where the old, broken one was.

MAN: Hmm...

He makes his coffee.


The MAN leaves his building, on his way to work, but he stops at an ATM on the way. He's astound when he finds 1 million dollars on his account. 

MAN: What the hell...

But the MAN just shrugs it off.


The MAN gets home from the subway station with a grocery bag. He's in the same rumpled suit with the tattered briefcase. After getting home, he puts the food away. The bottle of scotch is last. When he tries to open it, it suddenly appears in the counter beside him. He makes a grab for it, it moves out of his reach.

MAN: What the hell...

More CLICKING as the MAN wrestles with whatever invisible force is keeping him from his booze. CLICKING. More CLICKING. And then a shadow appears over the city outside his kitchen window. He looks out. A BIG WHITE ARROW slowly moves across the sky. More CLICKING. The MAN screams.