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Two crafty parents join a group of teens in a game of truth or dare thinking they've foiled the kids, but the tables are about to be turned...

    Four teenagers--two boys two girls--are sitting in a circle in a basement when they hear footsteps coming down the stairs. One of the girls--the DAUGHTER--groans as her parents appear. The two adults are dressed up very nicely, apparently they just got back from a fancy night on the town.

DAD: What's going on here? Truth or dare?

MOM: Sounds like fun!

To the teens horror the parents hunker down in the circle, the disappointed teens reluctantly making room for them.

MOM: Alright! Let's play!

DAUGHTER: Fine. Truth or dare mom.

MOM: Truth!

DAUGHTER: What's the worst thing you ever did to me when I was a baby?

Mom looks caught off guard. "Uhhhhhh."

All the teenagers begin to cat-call.

MOM: Fine! I, it was an accident! I... dropped you.

DAUGHTER is shocked while the others begin to laugh.

DAD: She dropped you HARD!

MOM: You were fine! (softly) eventually. Besides! Your FATHER couldn't remember what you looked like! He picked up the wrong kid from daycare like three times! They almost put his name on one of those lists!

As the bickering begins the teenagers exchange a victorious look.

DAD: Well your mom wanted to name you FANTASIA!

More laughs.

MOM (waving her hands in front of her as if to clear the air): Okay okay that's enough. Rebecca! TRUTH OR DARE!

DAUGHTER (her eyes narrowed): Truth!

MOM: Have you ever had sex with a boy?

There is a dead silent pause as everyone is a little shocked. Dad gives the two boys a murderous look.

DAUGHTER: (beat) No, I've...

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