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Two crafty parents join a group of teens in a game of truth or dare thinking they've foiled the kids, but the tables are about to be turned...

    Four teenagers--two boys two girls--are sitting in a circle in a basement when they hear footsteps coming down the stairs. One of the girls--the DAUGHTER--groans as her parents appear. The two adults are dressed up very nicely, apparently they just got back from a fancy night on the town.

DAD: What's going on here? Truth or dare?

MOM: Sounds like fun!

To the teens horror the parents hunker down in the circle, the disappointed teens reluctantly making room for them.

MOM: Alright! Let's play!

DAUGHTER: Fine. Truth or dare mom.

MOM: Truth!

DAUGHTER: What's the worst thing you ever did to me when I was a baby?

Mom looks caught off guard. "Uhhhhhh."

All the...

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