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- Fade in to reveal a the title of our short, 'GETTING TO KNOW YOUR MOM.'

- Cross fade through different shots of moms holding and caring for their children.

NARRATOR: Mothers... It's been said that they know best. But what do we know about them? Who were they before they were 'Mom?' To answer that question, we'll have to go back before even you were born.

SALLY: Who me?

NARRATOR: That's right, Sally. It wasn't that long ago that your mom was your age.

SALLY: My Age?

NARRATOR: That’s right. But back then your mom wasn’t, well, your mom yet.

SALLY: Then, who was she?

NARRATOR: Well, she was just like you.

- SALLY looks doubtful.

NARRATOR: Here, let me show you.

- SALLY sits down and watches attentively.

NARRATOR (Cont.): You see, in her youth, your mom focused on things like friends...

- MOM (14) walks with her friends - laughing and talking.

NARRATOR (Cont.): Boys...

- She and her friends giggle as a few guys walk by.

NARRATOR (Cont.): ...And school.

- She sits in a library and reads a book, her large glasses prominent.

NARRATOR (Cont.): Remind you of anyone?

- SALLY gasps, takes off her own simmilar large glasses and hides them behind her back.

NARRATOR (Cont.): Don't believe me, huh?

- SALLY shakes her head, petulant.

NARRATOR (Cont.): Well gee, you have hopes don't ya?

SALLY: Yeah...

NARRATOR: ...And dreams?

SALLY: Uh Huh (yes)

NARRATOR: Well so did your mom! (aside) Until you came along.

SALLY: (concerned) Wait. What?

NARRATOR: Whoa there Sally, that's jumping a little too far ahead. Your mom had a lot of growing up to do before you arrived...

- MOM (18) sits in a college dorm room. A YOUNG MAN knocks on the door. MOM answers the door and smiles mischievously. The screen freezes just as the YOUNG MAN smiles back.

SALLY: Hey, wait a minute; that’s not my dad!

NARRATOR: No shit! The truth is…

- SALLY leans forward.

NARRATOR (Cont.): ...Before she met your dad, your mom dated other people.

SALLY: Other people?

NARRATOR: She sure did.

SALLY: How many?

NARRATOR: Well, let’s see. There was Brian...

-A JOCK catches a football and poses for the camera.



-A tall, tattooed guy, with cut up jeans and a mohawk, nods and snarls at the camera while he holds a ‘nerdy’ student upside down.

NARRATOR: (Faster cuts of guys waving at the camera flash up on the screen as the Narrator reads off the list) There was Michael, John, Enrique, Steve…

- SALLY’s eyes widen as the list continues to flash up on screen...

NARRATOR: ...Jean-Pierre, Lazy Dave... Chris, Brian, Jennifer...

SALLY: Jennifer!?

NARRATOR: The point is, when she was at school your mom had a lot going on.

SALLY: But then she became my mom, right?


SALLY: There's more?

NARRATOR: And how.

-We PAN LEFT from a building entrance.

NARRATOR: After your mom graduated college, everything started falling into place for her. She had her dream job...

- MOM (25) seen shaking hands with her boss, smiling at camera.

NARRATOR: her dream car...

-She shakes hands with a salesman, same pose, smiling at camera.

NARRATOR: ...she even met your father.

- Mom and Dad shake hands at the altar - exactly the same pose.

NARRATOR: Yes, everything was going just as planned. That was, until August 10th, 2004.

SALLY: Hey, that’s my birthday.

NARRATOR: That’s right!

SALLY: But that means...

NARRATOR: Don't worry Sally, some of the best things in life AREN’T planned. Your mom found that out on the day you were born.

-We ZOOM IN on MOM (28) holding her child

-SALLY smiles, and proudly puts her large glasses back on.

NARRATOR: (encouragingly) There ya go.

-We FADE OUT from SALLY and FADE IN to the NARRATOR walking towards and talking to the camera.

NARRATOR: So what do you know about your mom? Maybe you've already asked all the important questions. Maybe you're afraid to ask. Either way, you should try...

- Quick ZOOM IN on the NARRATOR’s face.


- The title, 'Getting to Know Your Mom' WIPES onto the screen as the NARRATOR says it.


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