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ILLUSTRATORS: Illustrate the Visuals below for our "Prom Queen" short film. Please refer to THIS REFERENCE CUT when illustrating these elements. CONTRIBUTE HERE


NOTE: This Request List has been updated as of August 8th.



* London Skyline

* London Monuments (Big Ben, House of Parliament, Tower Bridge, etc.)

* Road

* Prom Exterior #1: Prom Photo Backdrop in foreground, School in background)

* Prom Exterior #2: Gloomy Wall where Prom Rejects hang out

* Prom Interior #1: Dance Floor

* Prom Interior #2: Prom Awards Stage

* Prom Interior #3: Background with Audience watching Award Presentation

* Background of Tom as Prom Date

* Background of Tom when he's transformed into Dr. Who

* Assorted Color and/or Patterns Backgrounds (for when we see Awards and Lydia's Prom Attire)


* Lydia's Boots

* UFO Dress on Hanger

*  Hummer from side view (with Window)

* Prom Red Carpet

* Waiting Line Ropes

* Prom Sign

* Camera and Light Bulb Flashes

* Cafeteria Tables

* Juice Box

* Prom Decorations


* Boy in Hummer

* Silhouettes of Prom Bus Passengers

* Silhouettes of People Outside of Prom

* Silhouettes of People on the Dance Floor

* Silhouettes of People watching Awards Presentation

* Assorted Eyes and Mouths

* Assorted Hand and Arm Poses

* Prom Judge's Arms