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  • Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment and write a list of some key features I imagine for Timothy Darks character. These are simply my own interpretations of Timothy Dark. 

  • He is aged somewhere between 9-13. I believe his youth will add a heavier contrast between the purity and innocence of his classmates, and himself. Vs. The teenage years where everyone around him would be much less innocent, and pure. Curses teenage angst! 

  • He wears what he wears, says what he says, and acts like he does, because this is how he is comfortable. He is unaware of his own creepiness, and doesn't see himself different from the other children. 

  • He is not evil in anyway. He simply has no filter to his own thoughts, and acts on impulse. Which tends to look very very dark, and spooky to others. Although in some cases he may hurt things (bugs, animals, etc.) he takes no joy out of doing so, and instead see's it more as a necessity, or helpful. 

  • He is incredibly naive. He believes everything he is told to be factual. In fact, as dark as he is, he believes in the good in people. His perception of good is just a bit off. 

  • He wants to make friends with everyone. He quickly believes people are his friends. Even bullies.


  • That being said. He has no friends. Everyone is afraid of him, or afraid of what he might be. If not afraid, they think him too weird to be close to. Isolated, but not lonely. I do enjoy the idea of having a stalker girl though, but a girlfriend takes away from his character (in my opinion) 

  • I think he should look creepy, I love love love Taylor Dolans drawings, the first one in...
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