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hitRECord Released May 06, 2014

CALLING ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS! We are making a new Getting Started Video and we want you to be a part of it! Please RECord yourself performing the "Community Member Lines" in the Script below.

NOTE: When you contribute your videos, please list the lines of the Script that you performed in the description.




  • MATT LINE:  Are we RECording?  Matt Conley here, hitRECord’s Community Director, and on behalf of our Global Community, I want to welcome you to hitRECord.


  • MATT LINE: Now that you’ve joined the site, there are lots of ways to get started. Let us show you around a bit…

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #2: Think of hitRECord as a studio where artists collaborate on projects together and remix each other’s work.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #3: It's open to anyone who wants to upload original audio, video, text or images, or anything from the public domain.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #4: Once your work is uploaded to the site, it becomes a RECord, and your RECords can be downloaded by other members of the community to remix, refine, revise, or reimagine and then re-upload to the site for further remixing.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #5: We never consider any RECORD on HITRECORD to be "final," even if it’s used as a completed piece in a money-making production or during a live event. RECORDS can always be downloaded and remixed into something else entirely.

  • MATT LINE: So, how do you contribute a RECord to hitRECord?

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #6: See that Red RECord button up at the top of the page? Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the upload page.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #7: Adding a new RECord to the site is not hard, but here are some steps to follow.

  • First, choose the type of file you’re going to upload.

  • Select Choose File.

  • Find it on your computer.

  • And upload it to the site!

  • Enter a concise, descriptive, and unique title for your RECord.

  • Add tags so that your RECord can be easily found. You can either enter your own text or select tags from the drop-down menu.

  • Also, give your RECord cover art by selecting any image RECord on the site.

  • Hit the red record button one more time, and your RECord will be released.

  • MATT LINE: OK! So you’ve contributed a RECord to the site, but now what?

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #8: Maybe your RECord might be a good fit for a collaboration that the hitRECord community is already working on? 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #9: To find active collaborations, check out our Featured page by clicking on the ‘House’ icon. 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #10: Take a look around and see if any active collaborations stand out to you! There are all sorts of collaborations happening at any given time.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #11: Maybe you’re a writer and you just released an idea for a short film? 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #12: Scroll down, and click on the link for writers. You’ll be presented with a number of active collaborations looking for pieces of writing. Maybe your idea could be a good fit for one of these collaborations? 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #13: Or, maybe you’ll find a collaboration that will inspire you to contribute a new RECord?

  • MATT LINE: Another great way to find collaborations is to follow other community members and use your dashboard as a way to see what they’re working on and recommending. 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #14: When you click on your dashboard for the first time, you’ll notice that you’re automatically signed up to follow REGularJOE and hitRECord’s account.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #15: But you can follow anyone who’s work you like by clicking on ‘SUBSCRIBE TO MY RECORDS AND RECOMMENDATIONS’ found on their user page.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #16: So, who should you subscribe to? The short answer is anyone who’s work that stands out to you! A good place to start is to follow hitRECord’s Staff and Resident Curators, which can be found at

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #17: Resident curators are hitRECord community members who have been contributing RECords for a while, and they have an eye for some of the best work that’s being created everyday. 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #18: Subscribe to some of them, and their RECords and RECommendations will show up in your Dashboard. This is a great to way to discover other new artists that you can subscribe to.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #19: Another great way to discover RECords is to browse the site. Click browse at the top of the page and choose a number of different ways to find RECords that you might be interested in. 

  • MATT LINE: Now that you’re following some great artists and know how to search for RECords, we should discuss REmix.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #20: REmixing is a huge part of our creative process - it’s how we make things together. Here’s an example:

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #21: Maybe you find an instrumental that you like. You could download it, add your vocals to it, and re-upload it as a new RECord for others to add to and remix. Or you could download another artist’s stock footage, add your own audio to it, and upload that as a new RECord for others to add to and remix.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #22: Anytime you remix someone else’s work, it’s important that you cite your REsources!

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #23: This is important, because if that remix gets used in a monetized production, we want to make sure that the appropriate artists get paid for their work.  

COMMUNITY MEMBERS LINE #24: To cite a resource, choose from Recently Recommended, Recently Downloaded, or Recently Uploaded RECords. You can also search for the RECord number or a keyword in the RECord title to display those RECords. Hover your mouse over the desired RECord, and click the plus sign to add the REsource. Cited REsources will display to the right. Click the X to remove a REsource.

  • MATT LINE: And remember, when one of our productions turns a profit, we split those profits in half. Half goes back into hitRECord, and half goes to the contributing artists.

  • To learn more about how artists get paid, check out this link, and visit our terms of monetizing productions.

  •  If you ever have any questions about the site, you can reference our FAQ page, or send an email to We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

  • Thanks again!