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Monae Released Aug 15, 2010
My current home is Toronto and I’m very honoured to call it home. I originally come from a small city outside of Toronto (London, Ontario). Growing up, I lived in a place surrounded by trees, hills, and much green space so as a kid, that available land for playing was like gold to me. It was the kind of place you could spend forever outside, pleading with your mom if you could stay outside for a bit longer.
However, as I was growing up there were family visits and trips to Toronto and I fell in love with the big city. With each visit, I was in awe of the big buildings, extravagant shops, speedy transportation anywhere, and a spectacular melange of our world’s peoples. When I finished highschool, I knew I wanted to live in Toronto to start university and start a career. It’s been 7 years of Toronto living but I haven’t forgotten my roots.
Here are some shots that represent Toronto and Toronto life (subway, streetcar, the CN Tower, the structure of a museum that is a symbol of the museum’s mineral collections, a crystal).
Toronto has shaped me into this culturally open and culturally aware being. I feel free to be myself and to my explore my heritage proudly. Growing up in a smaller city, I didn’t always get that vibe. I haven’t abandoned my birthplace though. When I do go back to my hometown, I learn how to slow down and take in the nature that once surrounded me as a child.
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