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OPEN ON: Herbert and Isle watch the sun set over a desolate post apocalyptic wasteland. 

Isle: "Hey, Herbert?"

Herbert: "Yes, Isle?"

Isle: "What do you think is going to happen to the world?"

Herbert: "What exactly do you mean?"

Isle: “They say the world is dying?”

Herbert: “That’s what they say.”

Isle: “Well… What do you think will happen to everything around us?"

Herbert: "I am afraid I do not have the answer to that, Isle."

Isle: “Well, what happens when we die?"

Herbert: “I know that eventually my battery will die, because I am a machine."

Isle: "When will that be?"

Herbert: "Oh, Isle, that will not be for a very long time I would imagine.”

(In Herbert's voice we sense he does not relish his immortality)

Isle: “…and what about me?"

(A pause. Isle is obviously worrying about his own mortality.)

Herbert: "I am afraid I do not have the answer to that, Isle."

Isle: (Hope in his voice - almost desperate - childlike naivity) "Maybe the world just sets, you know - like the sun out there. Maybe one night, when everyone is done watching the sun set together, they all go inside to sleep and the world just slowly sets all at once - and everyone knows it is happening. But everyone just decides to keep sleeping, because they know they just watched the sun fade away together, and they know it is for the last time."

(Herbert casts Isle a sympathetic glance that only we notice - though he knows otherwise, he wants to comfort his friend.)

Herbert: "I think you are probably right, Isle…"

(Isle smiles)

Isle: "I hope your battery lasts a very long time."

(Herbert says nothing. His wistful expression hints that...

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