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The episode starts with a disaster/end-of-the-world/monster movie feel. Some military types are in a control center during some sort of crisis. The room is full of radar and flashing screens. A siren is blaring and emergency lights flashing.

An old, war hardened Commander sits in his commander's chair. He is stoic and unflinching. He is wearing his military uniform and a pair of aviator sunglasses. He is cool and collected while everyone else around him is in a panic.



Private, what intel do we have on the situation?



Sir, we don't know what it is, but it's HUGE and has enormous destruction potential.


At this point, various personnel add intel about the creature. They'd all be variations of yo mama jokes, but in a totally serious tone.



Commander, we finally have a visual. It''s....


The Commander leans forward to look at the screen. He removes his sunglasses. His stoic face finally cracks under the sheer terror.



May the Lord have mercy on us all.


Title Screen - RE: YOUR MOM