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EVERYONE WITH A CAMERA: RECord your thoughts on the theme RE: YOUR MOM. You can tell a story or discuss various angles on the theme.

Here are some Q&As you can answer (the more specific you are, the better):

  • "Tell a 'Yo Mama' joke."

  • "What was your Mom like before she was a Mom? You could interview her or tell a particular story she's told you about what she was like pre-motherhood."

  • "What are the differences between countries that are called 'The Fatherland" and 'The Motherland'?" "Do you know a Dad who has also taken on the role of a Mom? Or a Mom who has also taken on the role of a Dad? Tell us about it."

  • "If you speak a foreign language, how do you say 'Mom' in that language?"

  • "Do you have a particular informal name for your Mom? If so, why do you call her that?"

  • "Interview your Mom and upload the raw footage to the site for others to remix."