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EVERYONE WITH A CAMERA: RECord your thoughts on the theme RE: HOME. You can tell a story or discuss various angles on the theme.

Here are some Q&As you can answer (the more specific you are, the better):

  • "What do you consider to be Home? Is it a place? Is it people? Tell us about your Home."

  • "Are you currently away from Home? What is that experience like? Be specific."

  • "What are some of the hometown values that are unique to where you are from? Are you defined by your hometown? Why or why not?"

  • "Does your hometown have a particular accent? Do a demonstration of it."

  • "What smells or other sensory elements remind you of your Home?"

  • "Who lives in your Home?"

  • "Have you ever chosen to live a nomadic lifestyle?"

  • "Do you have any experience with Homelessness?"

  • "Have you ever run away from Home? Tell us about it."


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