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EVERYONE WITH A CAMERA: RECord your thoughts on the theme RE: SCHOOL. You can tell a story or discuss various angles on the theme.

Here are some Q&As you can answer (the more specific you are, the better):

  • "Did you ever have an embarassing moment at school? Be as specific as possible."

  • "Do you have a particular memory or story from a first day at school?"

  • "What was your experience like going to - or not going to - Prom?"

  • "What are your thoughts regarding Grades? What kind of an impact did they have on your academic career?"

  • "Do you have any experience dropping out of school? What was it like and how did it affect you?"

  • "What are your Teachers like outside of school?"

  • "How does School fit into our cultural expectations of what our lives are supposed to be?"

  • "Do you have any opinions or stories...
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