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EVERYONE WITH A CAMERA: RECord your thoughts on the theme RE: THE NUMBER 2. You can tell a story or discuss various angles on the theme.

Here are some Q&As you can answer (the more specific you are, the better):

  • "Have you ever had a unique experience where you won Second Place? What was it like?"

  • "Are you a Second Child? What is it like? Have you noticed anything in particular about others who are Second Children?"

  • "Have you ever had a unique experience where you had to settle for your Second Choice?"

  • "What are your specific thoughts on the binary nature of the Number 2?"

  • "What are the consequences of everyone being divided into two sexes - Male & Female?"

  • “Are you a twin? Can you and your twin talk together about your feelings (positive & negative) about being a twin?”

  • “Have you ever considered yourself part of a “duo” — beyond even a best friend. Where your partnership/relationship with someone is integral to your identity?”