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EVERYONE WITH A CAMERARECord your thoughts on the theme RE: THE DARK. You can tell a story or discuss various angles on the theme.

Here are some Q&As you can answer (the more specific you are, the better):

  • "Have you ever been afraid of the dark?"

  • "What makes you afraid of the dark?"

  • "How do you pull yourself out of a dark time in your life?"

  • “Do you consider yourself a Nocturnal Creature, or a Night Owl? If so, what is it about the Dark that makes you feel more comfortable and/or productive?”

  • “Do you live in a place that experiences long periods of Darkness? If so, what is that experience like and how does it affect where you live? Be specific.”

  • “Are you blind? Do you have a concept of being in darkness, or does that construct not make sense? (Or do you have a blind friend you could interview?)”