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Dr.M was no ordinary expert. He was an expert on experts. His area of expertise was to determine if experts were as experienced as people expected.

Dr.M would usually meet with experts and evaluate their skills. As the president of the IEA (International Experts Association) he always had the final saying on whether someone was a qualified expert on their field or not.

That was until one cold December afternoon. Dr.M came home around 7pm to find a mysterious letter on his doorstep. The letter read "I know your secret".

Shit- he thought to himself. What should I do now?

Emotions overtook him: first fear, then panic, followed by sadness and despair which all led to drunkenness. Lying on his living room couch he came up with a solution, a brilliant plan to save his career and reputation. Unfortunately he did not write it down and when he woke up the next morning he had completely forgotten about it.

--Inspired by the resourced records--- Please feel free to remix or continue the story