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Oft-time, when my contem-plates spin whirrish in my head
I goad this gawk out of her box & to the woods instead
Through leafen place I amble, seeking solace in the roofless
Truthful greenery of treesome, lonesome now and near and newness
All unraveled roaming I grow young again through seeing
Every cranny, nook and nub with wondering eyes abuzz with being
Where once was but a molehole, gapes a portal, tunnels teasing
At the wonderland within, a world both perilous and pleasing
Each tree I see is home to imps or nymphs, hobbits or hermits
Knock on wood, sir, thrice and you yourself will soonly learn it
Bow down soft soft and sneak a peek into the barken trunk
Oh, such fine sights you’ll see to sink the things you thought you thunk
Why there are homes for gnomes and forts for fairies - yes indeed!

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Worlds Within Worlds
Metaphorest Released Mar 13, 2014
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