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I'm that guy. You know, the one who's on the bus before you get on and still on after you get off, thirty one blocks, eleven stops, and forty five minutes later.

You compare me to everyone else and assume I am safest because you think I will leave you alone; I won't talk about weather, I won't talk about sports, and I most certainly won't talk about destinations - mine or yours. This is a fair assessment.

I'm young, or maybe older than you thought. I'm clean but unshaven, and I still seem handsome even after you notice the dirt under my fingernails and the way black coffee has yellowed my teeth.

If you're an asshole, your probably think I'm an asshole. You imagine a pretentious prick like me fucking your girlfriend. She's not bad. Maybe I'm blowing your boyfriend. He's fantastic.

If you're a...

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Go. (That Guy)
tootwofoursquare Released Aug 13, 2010
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