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Here is a .PDF of all the Contributing Artists for "HITRECORD ON TV: Music from Season 1." CLICK HERE to order the Album on iTunes. 


Full track listing: 1) You’re Not The Only One (RE: THE NUMBER ONE) 2) Freestyle Something RE: The Number One 3) Oh, It’s Fantastic (RE: FANTASY) 4) Beastly Beauty (RE: FANTASY) 5) Front Lawn Freak (RE: TRASH) 6) Freestyle Something RE: Trash 7) The Spaces Between (RE: SPACE) 8) Still Here Score (RE: THE OTHER SIDE) 9) Adieu (RE: THE OTHER SIDE) 10) Stay Away (RE: THE OTHER SIDE) 11) Freestyle Something RE: THE OTHER SIDE) 12) The Other Side Monologue / End Credits 13) The Money Tree (RE: MONEY) 14) Freestyle Something (RE MONEY) 15) Weep For The King (RE: MONEY) 16) Either/Order (RE: PATTERNS) 17) We Can Go Back Again (RE: PATTERNS)

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