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Jasmine's Poem by Jason Bartlett

Pip pip and cheerio,
It's just like we're in the 60's though.
It makes me want to cry,
because I've never been this happy inside.
We can watch the stars turn to satellites.
An each time we walk this street,
I think of how I told you life can't always be great,
because something has to keep you on your feet.
Thank you for letting me show you the weird parts of me,
and understanding what they mean.
You never get mad when I mess up numbers,
even though everyone else does.
Eating Sweethearts that have weird messages we make up and sometimes not.
But knowing your my sweetheart it's the start.
And holding your hand makes fireworks swoon,
and I hope to kiss you under the moon.
Joking abut things and plaing board games,
I know thinsg will never be the same.
I hope the best for you through and through.
I never want to lose you.

Money Drain by Jason Bartlett

I'm an artist not a perfectionist.

The hours won't seem to go by

and the days won't pass go.

Introduce a man to himself.

The paper canvas I held in both hands

were my wings it seemed.

She hid her beauty behind dread locks and

camo green getup,

but she could've been the queen of Paris.

Ekphrastic Subvert by Jason Bartlett

madder genus lightfastness.

cinnabar Cadillac designates genius

when did people start raising their hands in school

to ask a question.

cicatrix carcinogenic blue leaf esoteric.

She can't drive, sleep or eat.

Confessional of a world where people have no arms.

Enjoy small moments, Algonquian.

Fjord, this business has worked 264 without injury.

Sporadic frenetic coddles tracting.

Miracle Monday, charlie mike.


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