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This is a new re-mix of the Half of Me video I originally made- I will resource everything I used in this one alone though.

Riana's spirit of collaboration inspired me (as did her beautiful voice!) - this video is just my way of showing all of you how much I truly LOVE her song.

Too bad she can't be at Piano's with the main collaborators ( or any of the many collaborators) on this RECord for one of the shows! Wow - wouldn't that be a GREAT show of the power of hitRECord?!!!

Feel free to remix this video in any way you desire!

I will ALSO remix this one when Riana loads up some self-shot video.

(the volume sounds "HOT" on my end - I tried to bring it down, but Movie Maker 2.6 didn't seem to want to let me. I actually put this through Wavepad Sound Editor and reduced the volume by 50% before mixing it into the video. So, I'm sorry if your speakers crackle, but I did try.)
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