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Bagpipe Help Needed!
Pamagotchi Released Aug 12, 2010
Hi everyone!

So basically, I have an idea for a video, but I NEEEEED people's help! There are so many great musicians on HitRecord, and I was wondering if one of them could do me a massive favour...

I am wanting to use the above Bagpipe music...but I need to make it FUNKY...speed it up maybe, add a drum beat...and I have:

a) none of the necessary tools
b) none of the necessary skill

Is anyone up to this wee challenge of mine! Seriously, do whatever you like to sass this track up..I think it is a bit slow and melancholy at the moment, I would really like it to be a bit more upbeat/fun/exciting!

Thank you so much!!

I will pay you in gratitude and LIFELONG RESPECT.

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