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I learned two things from taking this shot. The first was to try every single lighting option you have available to you, even if it seems like it won't work. To create the light of the television she's watching, first I wanted to go authentic; I just turned on the tv. The light was way too soft and dispersed. Besides that lighting option, I had a white-colored bike light, an industrial-strength torch, a 580 ex speedlite, and I tried them all. I tried bouncing them off a mirror. Off the wall. Off the ceiling. Nothing worked.

You know what did end up working absolutely perfectly? The light on the back of my flatmate's Blackberry storm. I propped it on the tv cabinet, and it looked more like the light of the television than the light of the television did.

The second thing I learned was that, if you vacuum up popcorn kernels, they WILL pop in the bag.

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