This week, i focused on the untitled pattern book collab and i made my ideal book with my weekly rerecs :


Seasons by LaraMinerva

This theme is really an ode to repetition. The pictures are great and i like the colors (white and blue for winter, yellow for summer...). This theme itself is a pattern and the pictures are made of repetition. That would be great as a first chapter, isn't it ?


Daily Patterns by fraulein :

This album if, in my opinion, the greatest one in the collab around habits, routines... Great work, fraulein !


 Déjà vu by mrbosslady :

This one is very original and i like the potentiality of this theme.


Cities are made of poetry by MeTaL_Pou :

(yes, i rerec my own album...:) ) Anyway, a lot of album are around architectural patterns and the city, i tried to make an album with a lot of diversity in it, but they all have their own specificity.


  Circles by EmmaConner :

The pictures of this album are beautiful. This geometrical theme is a great one.


  Nostalgia by TaschaS :

Full of emotion, this pattern is going through a lot of ther themes (family, time...) and that's great : It tells a story.


  Man vs nature by Diane FT :

I really love this idea ! It shows the patterns are everywhere.


  Chapter : school by ktjc216

This choice of photographs is really amazing, and i think school is a very evocative pattern.


The little things by Kellychase :

This album need more pictures and some texts, but this theme is a good one !


Breaking the pattern :

The idea is absolutely amazing and it has to be the last chapter of the book !!! In my opinion, this album need more pictures !


 See you next week <3