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Two stories (idea)
hedge Released Aug 11, 2010
I have an idea for short film sparkling in my head. Unfortunately, I'm not good in filling ideas with cohtent. But there is so many creative storytellers here, so maybe somebody will be interesed:)

The idea is: two persons, two videos describing their lives and two stories they can tell about themselves. The trick is when we're looking at life of #1, we can hear #2 telling his story, and then they change over. And somehow their both gain something new from vision of another person's everyday life. This can be shown by some symbols, parallel actions or anything else/

So this idea can be used for many different purposes. For example, two persons belong to very different cultures, and this stories superpositions shows how their lives have many surprising coincident points.
Or this two persons may be secondary characters in the stories of each other, and their different stories become secretly connected.
And so on.

I hope this narrative idea can be inspirative for somebody:)
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