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Our "A Chicken Is A Chicken" short film is ready to be scored!  I had a lot of fun writing this one, and we're looking forward to hearing it come to life further with the community's adds.  Time is short here, though:  We need your parts NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, JANUARY 18th.

Notes on specific parts are below. But in addition to these, there are a number of spots in the score, boxed in RED in the chart, which can be played on other instruments as well: Violin, viola, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet. So, please play if you're inclined...Maybe we'll get some cool textures by layering instruments together in some spots.

And as a general related note: If you've got parts of your own in mind, by all means: Let's hear them!

Banjo: A lot of the banjo's parts as written are probably not technically playable on banjo. The goal is to follow the spirit of the written part...Listen to the demo stem to get an idea of what we're looking for. Just the same, to the extent you can match as much as the written part by retuning and overdubbing / punching, you'll be a hero : )

Acoustic Guitar: The rhythm parts are notated in the chart as quarter notes, with the occasional eighth note. Have a listen to the demo stem, see the chords in the chart, and as with the banjo, follow the spirit of the written part, really: It should be a bouncy 1/5 kind of part at the top. The rest should be pretty clear: Some scattered chords and phrases.

Bass Recorder: Guessing we don't have many (or any) bass recorder players out there. But this part can easily be played on clarinet, or flute playing an octave lower, or recorder playing an octave higher. I do like the part as it plays in its current octave though, gotta say. We've included two staves in the chart for this part: One written at concert pitch, and another ("Bass Recorder in Bb") for our friends who play transposing instruments.

Clarinet and Cello both are written for those instruments specifically. Their parts are pretty minimal, but very important when they do play.

Autoharp: This is kind-of a wild card. The part as played in the base track works great, and can easily stay as it is. But if you'd like to play some or all of its parts on another instrument, we'd love to hear the result. I think though, it's best played on a struck or plucked instrument, rather than something blown or bowed...It's just that kind of part.

Piano: You're welcome to re-play our current piano if you like. I like the homey upright sound, but maybe there's a new tilt by playing it on a different sound?

Bass: It's working well now, but it's a sample. Anyone with an acoustic bass want to play? Or an electric can work, too.

There are a lot of tempo changes, and a lot of meter changes, as well. Apologies if it makes things a bit difficult to read: I hope I made good choices as to where to put them, so the music makes sense.

There may or may not be a measure number discrepancy in the chart, depending on how your system treats the MIDI tempo / meter data (should you choose to use it). If so, you might notice a one-bar offset creeping in somewhere midway through. Apologies, but I trust it will still make sense, as long as you're listening to the stem tracks and watching picture.

Lastly, a couple of notes about the picture included in the zip: For a few technical reasons, we had to make it begin at measure 1, the lead-in count, chopping off a little bit of ThatCertainJessiquoi's spoken introduction. Therefore, it "cuts in" to the movie in-progress. Don't let that throw you: Just drop the video file at the beginning of your timeline along with the stems, and everything will line up. Also: You might notice that the sync is a little soft, particularly towards the end. As long as you stay with the CLICK, not worrying about the pix too much, it will all be tight in the end. If you want though, you could nudge the pix later by a couple of frames.

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