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Here we have our "History Repeats Itself" animated short, ready for music. CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT We're looking for the community to either write music for the various sections of the piece, or to suggest existing pieces that might work. As you'll see, this piece has a lot of room for humor and liveliness. We don't want it to sound "funny" per se, with lots of sliding notes or silly sounds, but it shouldn't be played as a serious piece, either. CONTRIBUTE HERE

We welcome you to try your hand at any of the 4 pieces noted below, but if you really want to dig into just one, that would be great, too.

Timings are important here.  We'll probably have a sound effect for the 'page turns' between sections, and each piece should be out of the way by the time we hit that cut between each section. If you're within a half-second or so of it, we should be good. But if your music hangs over the transitions in such a way that to truncate it would make it sound awkward, that might render it unusable : (

The film is a walk through time, with distinct 'chapters', albeit very short ones. Our goal is to score each chapter with period-appropriate music. Here are some suggestions:

00:00 - 00:10 "Introductory Piece" This could be essentially a short fanfare beginning at frame 1 of picture, playing over the title card, then dipping into a sustained note to fill the first few lines of VO before we get to 1666.

00:10 - 00:33 "1666 / Sir Isaac Newton" Harpsichord comes to mind first. Or something lute-like? Classical guitar? Recorder? Any orchestral instruments would want to be very small-ensemble-sounding: We're barely up to Vivaldi territory here, not even to Bach yet. Now, even with the mention of "humor" above, this one might actually be good in a minor key. And if the piece can work the "666" reveal in a dramatic way, all the better! Changing the tone slightly for the Isaac Newton section would be good, too...Doesn't necessarily have to be treated like a different section, but maybe thinning things out a bit would be good, so it concludes nicely just before we hit the 1910 title card. In fact, the last note might want to hit a few frames before the line "It's called purple, Isaac...Just deal with it", ringing out underneath to leave the line in the clear. ¡funny!

00:33 - 00:48 "1910" A ragtime-y, stride piano thing? Banjo? Something of a brass band thing can work, too. But remember: Wah mute trumpets, or anything on the 'Jazz' side is still at least a decade away, so that's not what we're looking for here. It should end before the 'page flip' to 1999 (somewhere at the cut to, or within "gas masks, get your gas masks!")

00:48 - 01:09 "1999" This one should be easy for most to grok. Obviously, something modern. I think synths and programmed-sounding drums would be good for this…A caricature of 'modern'. Maybe even something on the straight-up techno or otherwise dance-y side? My personal opinion is that it should make people crack a smile, or maybe even a groan. NOT self-important or serious modern...But not silly, either. Awesome if the ending has a bit of a 'ta-DA', or fanfare-type feeling beginning somewhere under the fireworks, ending in order to leave "The End" in the clear. In fact, whatever we end up with, I think it will be a good turn to yank the music unceremoniously for "The End" to play with nothing underneath it.

When uploading your contributions, please include both a stereo mix, and to the extent possible, a zip containing your individual tracks or stems, preferably without effects. You can provide your tracks with the various sections "in time", with silence handles before and after, or if you just start the music at the beginning of the audio file, we'll just marry it to the final picture as we see fit.


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