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In Real Life
karenabad Released Jan 07, 2014

This photograph means a lot of different things to me. A couple years ago, I had become very close friends with someone I met through Vimeo. Our casual back and forth commenting on videos turned into emails and facebook chats and eventually Skype sessions. Skype sessions for any and everything. Having a bad day? Wanting to crafternoon together? Whatever it was, my new friend had become an avatar I saw leaving me a comment on a video into my best friend. Taking a risk we both decided to meet in Canada and go on a week long road trip adventure. Knots in both of our stomachs and throats quickly turned into ease and comfort. The kind of comfortable you get where you can sit in silence, and be totally happy, and not worry about if the other person is bored or what they think of you. 

This photograph is from one of our stops, everything was perfect. The Instax photograph reminded me of our pen pal exchange before we actually met, but then the incredible vastness around us made me feel so close to this person. If that makes any sense at all. 

The Internet and the world are a crazy place. I am grateful for all the people it brings closer to me. 

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