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I didn't intend to make one of these end of year messages because I never really got into them. There's no deep reason to it, diary entries and New Year's resolutions just didn't appeal to me. 

But after seeing my username appear in others' favourites/inspiration lists I thought okay, I'm actually kind of inspired to make something now. I thought sparklers were appropriate for the occasion.. And I cut my hair short. In those glasses, I realised that I look like Willy Wonka in Tim Burton's version of the film but you can't really see it there. 

okay getting back on topic, 2013 was definitely a year to remember. I had my first car accident, my first date, and my first experience at Teppanyaki. In that order. I also joined hitRECord. Before signing up, I honestly did not think I had it in me to achieve what I have. Animation seems to be the main thing I'm known for, and it's still 'weird' for me because I never tried animating before I discovered this community. It was soley because of hitRECord that I taught myself how to animate. I've surprised myself and shown myself what I can do when I get super inspired and motivated. And far out, four homepage features?? That's too much for my little teenage brain to even process. I want to thank Marie Bee, WunderBoy, wirrow and missamerica again for those features, and thank CaptClare and spaceship for kind of hinting for those features to happen :P There are so many, many more of you that I want to thank for making hitRECord what it is to me. I'm going to be cheeky and say you know who you are, because, well, you do. And I'm really sleepy.. I've been trying to type this message up for three hours now - I told you New Year's reflections aren't my thing! 

Keep on truckin' everybody.

Love, Steph.

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