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"Oh, how I wish I could walk," said the copy machine, "so that I may be able to leave this white-walled office!"
It's true; any copy machine burdened with the weight of having to reproduce others' work in such a dull place would go mad. The copy machine heaved a huge technologic sigh of self pity, its scanner door lifting towards the alabaster ceiling tiles.
"I really do try to be original," said the copy machine, speaking to no one, "but I haven't a clue how!"
The copy machine half-heartedly left its scanner door open, for another blank-faced banker walked into the fluorescent room with a stack of word-less, blanched papers and one scribbled-on page.
"How are you today, Blank-Face?" the copy machine asked with interest.
Blank-Face stayed blank-faced.
"The same, I see," the copy machine...
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