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It's not perfect, but I love how native came out. even with the tweaks I'm thinking of making it'll be that 20-30 second interstitial sweet spot. Also perhaps more than any other tiny film Hisa and I have made (that's her voice again) Native has more potentially good variants based on sound and score. I think this one gives off a contemplative, introverted and ethereal feeling. I like that, but we could also run energetic and electric or otherworldly and impossible, or aggressive and rebellious. I might throw some variants up, maybe even using some of Hisa's other line readings. Version 2 with credits is going up on my site and probably here later, but I may wait for a slightly later version.

(also, "It's not perfect"? C'mon, me, nothing's EVER perfect, that's how you can tell they're actually things)

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