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I'm really happy to sign 637 checks totaling $306,600 to the Contributing Artists of these 2012 productions:

* SONY and Levi's Sponsored Videos

* Tour 2012

* Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 2

* Summer Collection

* Resident Curators


The 2012 Final Profit documents can be found here:


NOTE: The Community's share of 2012's Profits itotaled $399,289. The remaining $93,000 will be paid out once all the profits for The hitRECorderly subscription series are totaled. The Profit Proposals for hitRECorderly #1-3 are forthcoming, followed by #4.


Now I know I say this every time we send out checks - what can I say, it bears repeating - hitRECord is not about making money. It's about the records we all get to make together. Still, I'm super thrilled to sign all of these checks and continue to pay our artists for their hard work.

Thanks again <3


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